Teachers Using CanFigureIt Geometry for Proof Practice – Webinar

Join us for this 30 minute webinar to learn about how two experienced math educators are currently using CanFigureIt Geometry in their classrooms and what impact CanFigureIt Geometry has had on their students’ understanding of proofs.

CanFigureIt Geometry is a FREE web-based resource that enables high school students to work through geometric proofs independently and interactively. It’s a great resource to use in a remote learning environment, especially as we enter proof season!

In this webinar, we will:

  • Demonstrate how to work through CanFigureIt Geometry activities with your students in a digital learning setting.
  • Hear directly from experienced educators on how they currently use CanFigureIt Geometry in their classrooms
  • Share some best practices and teacher resources to support you as you enter proof season (videos, guides, lesson plans)!

Proof Ninja Greg Lakey has been teaching math at the middle school/high school level for the last 15 years. He utilizes CanFigureIt Geometry as an exploratory unit, where his students can cover the fundamentals of a 2-column proof, but also extend their learning. He has created, implemented, and published 3 of his own curriculums and has written mathematical battle raps to help expose his students to the nuances of mathematical vocabulary. Outside of teaching, Greg enjoys spending time with his beautiful family.

Nominated for Educator of the Year by the California League of High Schools, Proof Ninja Alicia Gray has been teaching high school math for 12 years and loves to see her students get excited about learning. She uses CanFigureIt Geometry as a supplemental resource in the classroom, where students can double check their proof practice after they have worked through a 2-column proof by hand first. When she’s not teaching, Alicia loves to spend time with her family, ski, and garden.

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